Friday, May 14, 2010


The superior technologies being employed in trucks by countries abroad    

Lift Axle Systems

Lift able suspensions enable truck operators to deploy an auxiliary axle when needed to support heavy loads, and to retract the axle to improve maneuverability and tire life when not needed.

The Tata LPT 3118 TC 8x2 BS II Truck is India’s first 8 X 2 Multi Axle truck with ‘Lift Axle’. It is fitted with Automatic Load Sensing Value for optimum Lift Axle function. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is 31,000 kgs, thus offering more payload, minimum operating cost and in turn more earnings for the customer. It delivers a maximum power of 177HP@ 2500 rpm and torque of 650 Nm@1500 rpm and gradeability of 21%. It has a max gear speed of 79.1kmph, an overall length of 9290 mm (for cab) and a ground clearance of 248 mm. It has 3 variants - cowl, cab chassis and cab load body. Ideal vehicle for cement, containers, tankers, petrochemicals, fertilizers, food grain, timber and general cargo.

In good control - ECAS suspension.

The ECAS electornic control guarantees a uniform ride height,irrespective of the load .It big advantage is brought into play in the rapid mounting of swap platforms.The chassis can be lowered 90mm and raised by 190mm from the driving level.Here the ECAS control system makes it possible to adjust the frame height precisely.It is equipped with a memory function from which the two heights can be accessed and it can be very easily operated at the tap of the finger.Building site air suspension on the rear axle is MAN speciality avaible for construction vehicles with medium-height-build and all-wheel drive.This system is ideal for the tough going on building sites(overload reserve) and difficlut terrain.

Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
The standard ESP,in the TGX semitrailer tractors protects drivers from any unplesant surprises.For example,when suddenly avoiding obstacles,when rapidly cornering or if there are changes in the road surfaces.The ESP sensors constantly monitor the situation of the driving dynamics.If there is a risk of skidding or overturning individual wheels of the semitrailer tractor are efficiently braked and if necessary the engine torque is reduced.In this way the ESP stabilises the train and keeps it safely on track.

Study of Interiors

Volvo FH Globetrotter Cabin

Interior lighting
Fold-down table
Space for refrigerator
Bed with adjustable backrest
TV preparation kit
Pull-out drawers
Storage on the sides
Relax seat
Front shelf
Tough interior trim materials
Matching interior trim colours
Combined instrument
Rain sensor for windscreen wipers
Steering wheel with leather grip
Relocated I-Shift/Powershift lever
Box in the middle section
Inlay in instrument panel
Middle section with cup holder/ashtray
Global Audio System
Upper bed with higher attachment points
Control panel
Space for strong-box
Storage space accessible from outside
Special introduction paint options.

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