Friday, May 14, 2010


How trucks are made the Indian way

Body Building Practices in India

Case Study : TATA SE1613

Absence of a subframe. Load bed sits directly on wooden cross members. ‘Babul’ (Acacia arabica) wood used extensively.
Chassis length is extended beyond the actual by welding sheet metal sections.

Cabin is made by making a framework of welded sheet metal bars which is in turn are welded to the cowl.
Wooden sheets are then attached to this framework with fasteners.

- Most of the work is manually done.
- Craftsmanship and detailing.

Hazardous working conditions

High side deck is made with wood and is supported by metal reinforcements.

-Absence of guidelines, engineering drawings, assembly instructions etc.
-No ergonomic considerations.
-HVAC no taken into account.
-No safety devices.
-Frequent cases of refurbishment of trucks where the same  chassis is used again. 
Owner needs to wait anywhere from 15-20 days for the delivery of the truck.

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